Catskills Hikes

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Although I have been an avid hiker most of my life, I have done most of my serious hiking in the West.  There I can get far away from civilization for many days at a time.  The time and trouble to fly across the country always seemed worth it for a trip of a week or more. 

But recently I changed jobs and thus went back to having minimal vacation time.  And what time I had was largely spent attending to pressing family matters.  When I realized that I would not have time for even a quick trip to the Sierras, I resolved to explore the mountains nearby.  Thus I discovered the Catskills.

From where I live, the Catskills are too far a drive for a dayhike, but near enough for a satisfying weekend backpack.  Over the years, of course, I have hiked from time to time there, often in preparation for longer hikes out west.  When the kids were little, we could hike in a few miles, camp overnight, and return the next day.  But I had never explored any but the most popular of areas.

Searching on the internet for hiking ideas, I ran across the "Catskill 3500 Club," a group dedicated to climbing all the Catskill peaks over 3500 feet in elevation.   Although I did not at first focus on this goal, their list of peaks seemed like a reasonable way to explore the region.  By plotting worth exploring.

This page records a log of those explorations.


Map of  the 3500 foot peaks in the Catskills.

Peaks.gif (230219 bytes)

Catskill 3500 Peaks Overview


Table Of Trip Reports

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