May 2004 - Doubletop

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I ascended the Biscuit Brook trail to where it levels off, then turned sharply left and followed close to the YMCA property line. Biscuit Brook has carved a narrow slot into the bedrock.  It was apparent that this is a popular destination for the YMCA campers in the summer season.
Biscuit Brook swimming hole


Proceeding directly up the mountain, the incline never became too steep.  Soon I was at the ridge, which I followed up.  I had set a GPS waypoint for the summit based on the map, and I proceeded directly to this point.  It was in a terribly thick section of trees.  I wandered around and around looking for the canister, but I could not seem to find any trace of it.

Eventually I realized that "Doubletop" meant that there was another peak, and that the canister might be on the other one.  

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Porcupine on Doubletop


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As I headed to the other peak, I stopped to enjoy a nice viewpoint. 
View east from Doubletop Ridge


Once I got to the correct peak, the canister was not hard to find. 
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Doubletop Canister
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I returned to the Big Indian trail by following the property line, which runs along the ridge. The return via Biscuit Brook trail was quick and pleasant.
Biscuit Brook

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