Someone on the Yahoo 3500 list asked about where to find good viewpoints in the Catskills.  Many people replied with suggestions, which are collected here.  My own (obvious) answer would be that most of the best viewpoints are depicted on the Trails Conference maps (which we all use).  Nevertheless, the collected replies reflect a great deal of wisdom based on experience, so I thought it of value to collect and preserve them.

Doubletop has a nice rocky ledge near the canister that opens up to the south.

And Kaaterskill High Peak, officially trailless, but no bushwhack, has great views of the valley to the west when you go a little past the summit when coming up the "blue trail" from the east.

And Bearpen, unless the brush has grown up again, has great views of the farms and countryside surrounding the peak to the north and the west.

I'll vouch for James' mention of Bearpen, and add Vly as well. On Vly, there are nice views if one walks a little ways past the canister and moves towards the left, which is the north side of the ridge. Some of the other bushwhacks have little teaser views or lookouts if you can find 'em.

Graham is another "trailess" peak w/o a canister that has a relatively open summit w/ views.

Lone/Rocky and Balsam Cap come to mind as ones with minimal views.

Supposedly there are lookouts on North Dome, but I never found 'em.

P.S. Oh yeah, SW Hunter offers excellent views of Spruce branches smaking you in the face...

There are views down into the West Kill valley from ledges near the summit of Rusk, but I have only successfully found them when the leaves were down.

Kaaterskill High Peak, although only trailless in name, has two magnificent views. Going S from the summit (bearing left where the herdpaths fork), there are superb views at Hurricane Ledge of the Devil's path. Following the main herdpath E from the summit, down about 150 vertical feet, there is a sheer cliff that straddles the E ridge. This offers a magnificent Hudson River Valley vista.

Balsam Cap has fine views of the Ashokan. There are equally good views to be scrounged on Friday.  The viewpoints from these peaks are not at the summits, however.

There is, or was as of a year or two ago, a view to the east from near the summit of Lone. Follow a strong eastward herd path from the canister.

Near Westkill there is a viewpoint marked Buck Ridge with great views into the upper Westkill basin.

There are good views to the north from Windham High Peak.

There is no view at the summit of Rusk. But there is a ledge SW of the summit with a view across Spruceton valley.

Dan Case claims to have scouted several views from around the summit of Graham. I myself have taken the obvious, if somewhat dangerous, route of climbing the ruins to look over the tree tops there.

I also once found views by climbing an old rockslide on Sherrill that starts ascending about a quarter mile south of the col with North Dome. It was a miserable, brambly climb, however.

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