What Are They ?

These images cover a full 360 degrees.  They were made from a series of photos warped to fit together.  Often this process not perfect, and you will see the seams or other anomolies.

How Do I View Them ?

On theory, you can view these panoramas via a Java-based viewer (that you do not have to download explicitly) or a plugin that you get from   Unfortunately, the Java-based viewer does not work for most of these images, so you have to get the plugin.

What Panoramas Are Available ?


Holmdel-Preview.jpg (10922 bytes)

Inside the Holmdel building, near my office


Office-Preview.jpg (10922 bytes)

Inside my office in the Holmdel building


Ho-Woods-Preview.jpg (10922 bytes)

In front of the Holmdel building


Ho-Woods-Preview.jpg (10922 bytes)

In the woods behind the Holmdel building


FHFields-Preview.jpg (15665 bytes)

Fair Haven Fields, near where I live.


Arrow-Preview.jpg (10687 bytes)

Arrow Peak, Sierra Nevada Mountains.


Hartshorne-Preview.jpg (5180 bytes)

Hartshorne Park


Highlands-Preview.jpg (3656 bytes)

Mt. Mitchell, Highlands NJ


SandyHook-Preview.jpg (3656 bytes)

Sandy Hook NJ


Lighthouse-Preview.jpg (3656 bytes)

Sandy Hook Lighthouse


Williamson-Preview.jpg (3656 bytes)

Mt. Williamson


Halfdome-Preview.jpg (4208 bytes)

Half Dome, Yosemite

How Were These Panoramas Made ?

I took a series of overlapping pictures, in a circle.  Most of these were taken with a digital camera, about 18 for each panorama.  The pictures of Arrow Peak were taken with a 35mm camera.  I just pulled them from my own web page.

Next I used a software package called PhotoVista.   This sticjes together the individual pictures and prepares them for use by the viewer. 

Finally I put them on my web page, along with the Java-based viewer.  You are responsible for getting the plugin for yourself.

How Do I Get The Plugin ?

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