Places to Run -- Near Murray Hill Bell Labs

These runs start at the front entrance of the Bell Labs building in Murray Hill.

Glenside Loop


MurrayHill-3D.jpg (88372 bytes)

Total 4.4 miles
Climb: 438 feet
Return via a: subtract 0.3 miles (4.1)
LineHills.gif (4980 bytes)
Return via b (deserted Village of Feltville): add 0.4 miles (4.8)
Return via c (Sky Top): add 1.2 miles (5.6)
Climb: 498 feet
SkyTopHills.gif (5125 bytes)
The Bell Labs building is near the top of a ridge, so to go anywhere you have to be willing to run up and down hills.

The Watchung Reservation is just over the ridge top from Murray Hill, and there is a network of trails in it.

Interstate 78 was built since this map was made.  It goes about where Glenside Avenue is shown.  The practical consequence is that there are only a few places that you can cross.

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