Places to Run -- Fair Haven

These runs start at my house in Fair Haven.

Fair Haven Fields


Total: 4.8 miles Route through the back roads of Rumson and Fair Haven, and through Fair Haven Fields.



Total 5.3 miles
Point A: 2.6 miles
Basic run up River Road to Rumson.

Navesink Loop


Total: 9.7 miles
Point A: 2.6 miles
Point B: 6.2 miles
Point C: 7.9 miles
Climb 184 feet
This scenic run around the Navesink River can be done from Fair Haven, or from Bodman Park.  There is one big hill, just beyond the Oceanic Bridge.  If you run it clockwise from Fair Haven, as shown, you get past the hill in the first half of the run, whereas if you run it clockwise it comes near the end.  From Bodman Park the situation is reversed, so it is normally run clockwise from there.

Here is a full-sized map.

Here is a 3-D view of this route


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