Ben's Graduation from Rice

Ben graduated from Rice on May 13, 2000.  George Bush, former president, was the speaker, in a ceremony that lasted almost three hours in the heat and humidity of Houston.   Despite that, family and friends gathered for the occasion.

May00-1-02.jpg (33834 bytes) Ben, marching up the asile in the graduation ceremony.


May00-1-08.jpg (28085 bytes)"Watching" the graduation ceremony -- Rich, David, and Carrie.


May00-2-17.jpg (34673 bytes)David and Kitty at the ceremony.


May00-2-18.jpg (34451 bytes)Kitty and Charlie, proud parents. 


May00-1-19.jpg (257894 bytes)Ben, in front of the Sallyport.


May00-1-13.jpg (25121 bytes)Ben and Ellen.


May00-1-21.jpg (18847 bytes)Ben and Nathan, roommates for four years.


May00-2-23.jpg (29663 bytes)Ben and friends: Carolyn, Ben, Nathan, and Liz.

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