Silver Anniversary
Charles Hayden and Katherine Yost
June 13, 1999

We got together with family and friends to celebrate 25 years of marriage on June 13, 1999.  By good fortune, this day was also the 21st birthday of our son, Benjamin.

BackwardsDance.jpg (99524 bytes) It all began in high school.  Here is a picture from the first time Kitty and Charlie went out, in 11th grade.
Wedding.jpg (69326 bytes) Five years later, at the wedding reception.

We began with redidication of our marriage vows in Embury United Methodist Church.

Silver99-1-16.jpg (823285 bytes) Carole McCallum, our friend and former pastor, officiated.
Silver99-3-33.jpg (44955 bytes) Kitty's brother David lit the candles in memory of their parents, Lois & Al, and their grandmother, Verna Jarboe.

Silver99-2-30.jpg (84853 bytes)

Our maid of honor Delia Fernandez, and our best man, Erik Woody, again participated in the ceremony.

Silver99-2-28.jpg (62716 bytes) Our children, Benjamin and Carolyn, were our ushers.
Silver99-3-18.jpg (78404 bytes) Charlie's father Bill Hayden read the scripture.
Silver99-2-27.jpg (101403 bytes)

Charlie's parents, Bill and Marye, and Aunt Sally Mitchell.

Silver99-3-15.jpg (141980 bytes)

Kitty's aunt Marty, brother David, Kitty, Charlie, Carrie, Ben, David's wife Catherine, cousin Toni, cousin Tommy, with his son Brian and wife Tammy.

Silver99-3-06.jpg (73462 bytes)

The Embury choir performed beautifully.

Silver99-1-18.jpg (85115 bytes) Pete Isherwood played the organ.
Silver99-1-21.jpg (60433 bytes) Many of our friends and family spoke at the service.  This is our friend Roy Samras.

Silver99-2-37.jpg (131784 bytes)Silver99-1-30.jpg (121773 bytes)

Silver99-1-33.jpg (151502 bytes)

In the Victorian tradition, after the service everyone gathered outside the church.

And then we went around back to the party !

We asked everyone invited to contribute their favorite music, which we played during the party.

Silver99-4-05.jpg (57740 bytes)Silver99-4-14.jpg (38272 bytes)

After everyone had a chance to get a bite to eat, we danced the polka to "Shall We Dance" from The King and I.


Silver99-4-09.jpg (71205 bytes) Our dance coach was rooting for us.
Silver99-4-15.jpg (100135 bytes)Silver99-4-18.jpg (95762 bytes)

Then we played "Sunrise, Sunset" from Fiddler On The Roof, dancing with our children.

Silver99-4-27.jpg (88082 bytes)

After this, everyone joined in.  Fred and Margo Klein are doing the twist.

Silver99-4-31.jpg (99944 bytes)

Our dance coach, Patrick Cheney, taught everyone how to do the fox trot, the waltz, the rumba, and swing.
Silver99-5-22.jpg (81647 bytes) Ben and Margaret Clark
Silver99-6-23.jpg (61600 bytes) Carrie and her friends Katy and Eva
Silver99-5-30.jpg (70875 bytes) Jim and Sue Harbisons
Silver99-5-33.jpg (82085 bytes) Marcia Clever and Jim Hickey
Silver99-5-31.jpg (60909 bytes) Lucy and Al Campanella
Silver99-5-34.jpg (78077 bytes) Alice and Don Carolli
Silver99-5-21.jpg (66782 bytes) Peg Miner and Bill Merritt
Silver99-5-04.jpg (68319 bytes) Susan and Steven Goff
Silver99-4-25.jpg (90196 bytes) Nikki and Roy Samras
Silver99-4-22.jpg (98018 bytes) Marilyn and Mark Clark
Silver99-5-25.jpg (88507 bytes)

The members of Kitty's office: Fair Haven Psychotherapy.

Silver99-3-30.jpg (108378 bytes)

Patrick Sanecki prepared the food.  He did a wonderful job.

Silver99-5-36.jpg (68908 bytes) Michael Samras videotaped the party.
Silver99-5-29.jpg (110130 bytes) Finally, it was time to cut the cake.

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