Sierra Trip 89 -- Brewer & Triple Divide Peaks

You can download the TOPO! source file to see more detail in the maps.

You can see the raw photos here.

Missing one of the rolls of film.

Sierra89-M1.gif (204313 bytes)
Map 1 --  Onion Valley to South Guard Lake

Sierra89-M2.gif (204313 bytes)
Map 2 --  South Guard Lake to Lodgepole




Onion valley

Kearsarge Pass

Big Pothole Lake

Kearsarge Lakes

Bullfrog Lake -- camp in vicinity

Descend to Junction Meadow

East Creek

East Lake

Reflection Lake -- camp

Longley Pass

South Guard Lake -- camp

Climb Mt Brewer

South Guard Lake -- camp

Cunningham Creek

Ascend Cloud Canyon

Camp in upper Cloud Canyon

Glacier Lake

Triple Divide Pass

Triple Divide Peak

Coppermine Pass

Lonely Lake -- camp

Table Lands

Table Crest lake

Descend to Wolverton, meet wch, ben, carrie, benny

Pear Lake -- camp

Ascend above Pear Lake -- camp

Descend to Wolverton

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