Sierra Trip 83 -- Mineral King

You can download the TOPO! source file to see more detail in the maps.

Sierra83-M1.gif (136720 bytes)
Map 1 -- Lodgepole Segment

  Note: these pictures were scanned from prints.  The color varies greatly, and tends to the purple.  I need to find a better way to correct them.


Pear Lake

El Nino Year

Very heavy Snow


s83-01.jpg (76549 bytes)

s83-02.jpg (63384 bytes). Pear Lake

Tablelands was almost completely snow-covered.

Revised trip. Descended to Lodgepole and headed for Silliman Pass.

Bear raid; return to town; join up with father.


Sierra83-M2.gif (143820 bytes)
Map 2 -- Mineral King Segment

.Mineral King from Sawtooth Pass trail. s83-03.jpg (34816 bytes)
s83-04.jpg (71182 bytes). Sawtooth Pass trail.

Still lots of snow.

.Near Sawtooth Pass.

Signs of trail are intermittent.

Storm clouds everywhere.

s83-05.jpg (47391 bytes)
s83-06.jpg (82537 bytes). Columbine Lake

Camped near here.

.Lost Canyon

Sawtooth Pass hidden behind ridgeline.

s83-07.jpg (81811 bytes)
s83-08.jpg (83237 bytes). Rain delay near Five Lakes.

Moved on after shower, camped near one of the lakes.

.Me and my father near Black Rock Pass trail. s83-09.jpg (39911 bytes)
s83-10.jpg (74436 bytes). East of Black Rock Pass.

Camped near Pinto Lake.

.Cliff Creek crossing. s83-11.jpg (94960 bytes)


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