Places to Run -- Lincroft

These runs start at my house in Fair Haven.

Thompson Park

thompson1.gif (35019 bytes)

Total: 4.7 miles Through fields and trails.  The section along the river can be run either on paved running paths and dirt roads, or along a foot trail adjacent to the resorvoir.

Thompson Park Variant

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Total 4.7 miles This runs along the upper resorvior, through the less commonly visited parts of Thompson Park.

Golf Course

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Total 5.3 miles
Nature Trail only: 2.3 miles
Between entrances: 1.0 miles
Through the largely undeveloped land north of West Front, bisects Bamm Hollow golf course.

Long Bridge

long bridge.gif (39243 bytes)

Total 5.1 miles There is not much shade on this route,  The course follows the new set of paved trails around Thompson Park.

Big Square

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Total 3.0 miles When the time or inclination is not there for a longer run, this is a good option.  Alternatives pas through the residential streets.


peninsula.gif (39981 bytes)

Total 5.9 miles This run passes through some of the "secret" parts of Thompson Park rarely seen by most visitors.

Resorvoir Loop

resorvoir.gif (106387 bytes)

Total 7.2 miles Traveling around the resorvior, park, and college, this run passes through rural horse farms and passes the site of a prominent 19th century commune.

Stevenson Park

stevenson1.gif (48589 bytes)

Total 5.3 miles The run passes through Stevenson Park, which is mostly farmland, into the residential areas to the north.  It then proceeds down past the high school and back via Middletown-Lincroft Road.

Stevenson Park (shorter)

stevenson2.gif (33832 bytes)

Total 4.1 miles This variant crosses Stevenson Park, then loops back through a retirement community.

Lincroft Neighborhoods 1

neighborhood1.gif (27649 bytes)

Total 3.5 miles This run sticks to the residential areas NE of Lincroft.

Lincroft Neighborhoods 2

neighborhood2.gif (32892 bytes)

Total 3.6 miles This variation starts out in the residential neighborhoods, but returns via the main roads.

Lincroft Neighborhoods 3

neighborhood3.gif (50760 bytes)

Total 4.5 miles There is a well hidden small park, where locals apparently practice paintball, sanwiched between the lower resorvoir and the governmant highway/railroad.   This exits the park to the adjoining neighborhood through an unofficial entrance.

Lincroft Neighborhoods 4

neighborhood4.gif (48652 bytes)

Total 5.1 miles This run loops through the park and returns via the main entrance.

McCampbell 1

mccampbell1.gif (51360 bytes)

Total 5.5 miles This run can be hot in the summer -- best for a mild spring or fall day.   It sticks largely to main roads, but the section along McCampbell is quiet and peaceful.

McCampbell 2

mccampbell2.gif (55085 bytes)

Total 5.8 miles This variant, just a little farther, avoids most of the busy roads.

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